Terms & Conditions


Before & after booking
Before making a booking you should read these terms and conditions.

After booking you will receive notification confirming the booking which will include relevant terms and conditions applicable to whether you have booked self-catering accommodation or a camping & touring pitch.

Checking your booking
You should check that the booking confirmation we send is correct.

If it is incorrect, or requires amendment, you should contact us without delay and we will update / correct the booking and provide you with a revised booking confirmation.

Making payment
For bookings less than 28 days for camping and touring and 56 days for self-catering from the arrival date the total cost is payable on booking.

If you have not paid in full, your booking is conditional on payment of the Balance due not later than 28 or 56 days before the arrival date as stated above.

If you do not pay the Balance due by 28 or 56 days before the start of the booking we will make our best effort to contact you and ask whether you wish to cancel a booking. If you decide to cancel, we will retain the 20% deposit paid.

UK based payment arrangements
We do not accept or make payment by cheque. Payment can be made to us in cash, by BACS payment, or using a card payment by phone or in person. Refunds will be processed to the originating bank account or card used for the particular payment transaction. Please email us for our BACS information

Non UK based payment arrangements
For international payments processed using IBAN/BIC a charge of £10.00 will be added to allow for international banking charges. This charge will be added to the balance due for each payment transaction made after the deposit has been processed. Please e-mail us for our IBAN particulars.


The 20% deposit made to secure a booking is non-returnable unless the booking is cancelled within 24 hours of receipt of a booking confirmation.

You may also cancel a booking at any other time, but we shall only be liable to refund you the following percentages of the booking Total which includes booked extras:

Camping & Touring Bookings

Cancellation after 24 hours from booking and more than 28 days from the arrival day: 80% of the Total cost of booking.

Between 27 and 8 days from the arrival day: 50% of the Total cost of booking.

Between 7 days and arrival day: 10% of the Total cost of booking.

Self Catering Bookings

You may also cancel a booking at any other time but we shall only be liable to refund you the following percentages of the booking Total (above) which includes booked extras:

Cancellation after 24 hours from booking and more than 56 days arrival day: 80% of the Total cost of the booking.

Between 55 days and 28 days before arrival day: 50% of the Total cost of the booking.

Between 27 and 8 days from the before arrival day: 20% of the Total cost of the booking.

Between 7 days and arrival day: 10% of the Total cost of the booking.

Information on how to cancel your booking is included in our Terms and Conditions (below).

As an alternative to cancellation (above) we may, at our sole discretion, offer the option of postponing this booking for up to 6 months from the booked start date. If you are offered the option, and choose to postpone this booking, we will make a £10.00 administrative charge and provide you with a new booking confirmation.

Some information about us
We trade as ‘Harford Bridge Park’ & ‘Harford Bridge Holiday Park’ the legal owner of the business is Harford Bridge Park Ltd. Our postal address and telephone number is at the head of this document.

After sales - our complaints and policy guarantee
If you are unhappy with the service you receive from us please tell the person handling your booking and we will try and resolve your concern.

Your statutory rights are not affected.

If you wish to complain in writing you should e-mail ([email protected]) or write to:

Director of Operations
Harford Bridge Park Ltd
Peter Tavy
PL19 9LS


About our terms & conditions
Particular terms and conditions applicable to the type of accommodation booked will be included with your booking confirmation.

By whatever means you book (online, phone, e-mail or in person) our terms and conditions apply to all confirmed and provisional bookings.

References to ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘Harford Bridge Park’ are to Harford Bridge Park Ltd.

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, please call us on 01822 810349 or e-mail [email protected]

Data Protection
The e-mail address and all other personal information you provide us will be held electronically and used only by us for the purposes of communicating with you.

In the future you may receive direct e-mail from us concerning news, special offers or other relevant communications; e.g. requests for information about how you rate your stay. You can opt out of receiving such information at any time by e-mailing us at [email protected] or selecting opt out on our communications to you.

The confidentiality of all personal information you provide us will be safeguarded on password protected computers accessed only by our employees whose work requires them to communicate with you. We will not pass on your details to third parties.

Booking, booking confirmation & provisional booking
A provisional booking can be made without payment and will be held for 24 hours; a payment must then be made within this time to convert your intention into a booking confirmation.

No pitch is booked until a payment has been made and you have received a booking confirmation indicating a payment received by us.

If payment is not made within 24 hours, a provisional booking may be cancelled by us without notice. The 24 hour period may be extended at the sole discretion of the company.


Camping & Touring Deposits
All pitches must be paid for in full before pitching.

To book a pitch for stays of 2 nights or less, full payment is required on booking.

For stays that include Bank Holiday dates, full payment on booking minimum 3 nights stay.

For stays of more than 2 nights a 20% deposit is required on booking and the Balance due is payable 28 days before arrival.

Persons staying
The number of persons occupying the pitch shall be stated at time of booking.

Alterations in the persons staying may be made only by re-booking with us and us providing a new/updated booking confirmation.

At the time of check-in an increase in the number of persons using the pitch will increase the Total cost of the stay in accordance with or price list.

If, during the stay, you wish to increase the number of persons occupying the pitch you must inform us. If we agree to the increase, we will charge the published nightly rate for additional persons using the pitch.

At the time the Balance due is paid a reduction in the number of persons occupying the accommodation will reduce the Total cost in accordance with our price list.

Our Pitches
Unless designated as a ‘hardstanding’ pitch, all our pitches have a grass surface which is subject to wear and tear during the open season.

Our camping fields are level with some undulations and slight inclines. Parking on pitch is for one car.

Pitch sizes vary – they range from 8m x 10m to 10m x 10m. Some unserviced pitches have a tapered width from front to back and are suitable for smaller accommodation units.

Pitch availability varies according to the need to rest or restore pitches after use. The weather can affect grass quality.

If you book a particular pitch it will be noted on your booking confirmation. If you do not book a particular pitch, you will be allocated the type of pitch you book and your pitch number will be allocated when you check-in.

Grass quality can adversely be affected by tents and caravans. Patches of bare soil or dead grass can be unsightly but may not render a pitch unusable.

After check-in, and on your request, if you wish to change pitch we will, subject to availability, offer you an alternative pitch.

On our offer, if you opt to upgrade or downgrade the type of pitch, we will inform you of the difference in price and provide a new booking confirmation. To confirm the new booking the Balance due shown must be settled either way (i.e. refund from us or extra payment from you).

If the pitch type occupied is upgraded in a new booking confirmation we will charge you the difference between the published prices of the pitch type booked and the upgraded pitch.

If the type of pitch is downgraded in a new booking confirmation, we will refund the difference between the published prices of the pitch type booked and the downgraded pitch.

Our pitch types, in ascending order of price, are:

Pitch – an unserviced grass pitch,

Riverside – an unserviced grass pitch beside the River Tavy,

EHU (Electric Hook-Up) – a 16 Amp EHU serviced grass pitch,

Hardstanding (EHU) – hardstanding pitch with 16 Amp EHU (Pitches 76 & 77).

Hardstanding (fully serviced) – hardstanding pitch with services point (16 Amp EHU, on pitch water supply, ‘grey’ water drain and TV aerial).

No pitching of tents or caravans before 1.00 p.m. or after 9.00 p.m.

All pitches are marked with a centre pitch number and/or side boundary markers. You may only pitch between and in line with the markers on the allocated pitch.

If you do not pitch on or within the allocated pitch you will be requested to move to within the boundary of the allocated pitch. If you decline to move you will be given a refund of unused pitch fees and must leave the park.

Pitch tags are provided on arrival and are to be displayed on the sleeping accommodation.

The maximum size tent accepted on a single pitch is 8m long x 5.1m wide. Not all pitches will accept a tent this size.

Tent ropes and cars may not be positioned outside the pitch markers or encroach on adjacent pitches.

Pitches are to be vacated by 12.00 noon on the day of departure.

Late stays
To extend your stay on the day of departure you must inform Park Reception no later than 12.00 noon on the day before the booked departure date.

If the pitch is available, we may at our discretion confirm a late stay to 6.00p.m. on the departure date.

A £5.00 charge inc. VAT will be made for a confirmed late stay.

How to cancel a booking
You can cancel by telephone (01822 810349), by letter post (address at head of this document) or by email (to [email protected]). You can also cancel in person by visiting Park Reception.

We will acknowledge receipt of your cancellation and provide information on the refund as soon as we can. Our acknowledgement will be in writing by e-mail and/or by letter to the postal address of the person we have recorded as making the booking.

We aim to confirm a cancellation within 24 hours of receipt, but this is not always achievable.

If you do not receive acknowledgement of cancellation within 24 hours of making it by phone or e-mail you should contact us again using a different means of communication than first used.

For postal communications you should allow 3 days from sending to receipt by us and 3 days to receive our acknowledgement if we send it by post. E-mail is our preferred means of communication.

Circumstances beyond our control
In circumstances beyond our control we would try to offer you an equivalent or upgraded alternative pitch for the booking confirmation dates for no extra charge. If this was not possible or our offer is not accepted by you, we would refund all monies you have paid for the booking.

Park Rules
A booking confirmation includes a requirement that you accept our Park Rules (below).

If you are not able to comply, do not accept, or do not intend to abide by Park Rules you may cancel a booking and we will refund you according to the cancellation policy (above).


These Terms & conditions are applicable to static holiday caravans, holiday lodges, studio lodges and our Shepherd’s Hut.

Persons staying
The number of persons occupying the accommodation shall be stated at time of booking and cannot exceed the amount of fixed beds available in the unit in any confirmed booking.

Alterations in the persons staying may be made only by re-booking with us and us providing a new/updated booking confirmation.

An increase in the number of persons staying in the accommodation will increase the Total cost of the accommodation up until the time of check-in.

Reduction in the number of persons occupying the accommodation will reduce the Total cost of the accommodation up until the time the Balance due is paid.

'Dog friendly' accommodation
We welcome well-behaved dogs in ‘dog friendly' self-catering accommodation. We do not accept dogs listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 2014. We do not accept other kinds of pets.

Bring dog bedding; under no circumstances may dogs lie on the chairs or be allowed into bedrooms.

Dogs may not be left unattended in the accommodation. We reserve the right to charge cleaning and repair costs if your dog damages furniture and soft furnishings.

Arrival & departure times
Accommodation is booked from 3.00 p.m. on arrival day. Accommodation must be vacated by 10.00 a.m. on the last day of booking.

Prior notice
Prior notice is required for arrivals after 6pm and before 8.00 a.m.

The accommodation is designed for the comfort of the number of persons shown (infants & children included) and these may not be exceeded under any circumstances and shall be used only by the number of persons booked.

Cleanliness and damage
You are responsible for ensuring that the unit and contents are left in a clean and tidy condition prior to vacating the accommodation.

You are responsible for the full cost of any damages or breakages and any cleaning that takes more than 4 person hours to complete after vacation of the accommodation.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the accommodation. If we observe smoking around the accommodation or in the doorway and there is evidence of smoking in the unit we will make an extra charge for freshening of £50.00.


Purpose of Park Rules Our park rules are intended to safeguard all persons on the park which is private property. Abidance with park rules is a condition of booking and remaining on our park.

Non- abidance with park rules may result in cancellation of a booking without refund and a requirement enforced to leave the park immediately.

We will, if we consider it necessary, call for police support to safeguard other persons on the park.

General behaviour. We reserve the right to require any person whose behaviour is causing annoyance to other guests, or for failure to comply with any of the Park Rules, or for unsafe, illegal or offensive behaviour to leave the Park without refund or compensation.

Limitation of liability. We do not accept responsibility for injury, inconvenience, loss or damage to personal property, including vehicles, where such loss is caused by you, or any other paying guest (or guests in their party) on the park, unless we have been found to be at fault.

Vehicles & Generators. Only a current licence holder may drive vehicles on the Park. Maximum speed on the Park is 5mph (or walking pace). Only one vehicle per pitch. Additional vehicles and commercial vehicles exceeding 1.5t are to be parked in the car park by Park Reception. No washing of caravans or cars on site. Generators are not allowed.

Camping pitch tags must be clearly displayed. Please respect pitch markings, keep within your allocated pitch and not cut across other’s pitches when moving about the Park. Pitch at no closer than 4 metres from other tents or caravans.

BBQs (No Open Fires). Open fires are prohibited. BBQs with purpose made equipment are welcome. Re-usable stands for disposable BBQ are available from Park Reception and bricks are provided in the Main Field near to Children’s Play Area – please return bricks after use. Care must be taken not to damage the grass or picnic tables from contact with BBQs. Chiminea, wood burning stoves and Chinese lanterns are prohibited for fire and livestock safety reasons.

Departure time for camping & touring on the final day of stay is 12.00 noon. Your pitch is to be left clear of any pegs, waste and debris. If you wish to leave later (up to 6.00 p.m.) and if the pitch has no follow-on booking you can book a late stay for an extra charge of £5.00 (terms and conditions apply).

Cycling, scooters & drones. Cycles and scooters are permitted on the roads and tracks at a maximum speed of 5 mph. Irresponsible use of any bicycle or scooter, such as harsh braking or “stunting”, can be dangerous and is prohibited. Use of drones, model aircraft and electric scooters is prohibited.

Children's Play Area. Parents and guardians are to encourage children to use the Play Area and not allow them to play around others’ caravans, pitches, planted areas and amenity buildings. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to ensure the well-being and safety of their children on the Park.

Park Ducks should not be chased by anyone or dogs as this can cause them undue stress, serious injury, or death. Please be patient if they are crossing roads in front of you when driving.

Trees & Wildlife. Trees are not to be climbed or damaged by removal of branches or attachment of string or rope. Trees are not to be used as anchor points for tents or washing lines. Wildlife is safeguarded on this conservation park – please do not mutilate, remove, or destroy naturally occurring flowers and plants.

Dogs are welcome on the Park. We have a separate field where dogs may run loose – please note that horses may be grazing in this field. Should dogs foul the Park or exercise field you must bag the deposits and place in one of the dog waste bins. Dogs on the Park are subject to the following rules:

• Dogs are not to be left in the control of children or left unattended at any time on a pitch.
• Dogs must not be allowed to bark to the annoyance of others.
• Dogs are to be kept under close control on a short non-retractable lead; long leads and cords can be a hazard to others.

Noise. No radio, television, musical instrument or conversation should be audible to other pitches from 10.00 p.m. to 08.00 a.m. Your own radio, television, music or voice must not cause annoyance to other guests at any time.

Ball games can damage planting, caravans and tents. Therefore no football or ball games may be played in the camping fields. Such games can be played on the Recreation Green opposite Park Reception provided a safe distance is allowed for balls to stop before reaching hedges and roads. Games with ‘Frisbees’, shuttlecocks or other flying objects may be played only on the Recreation Green.


Camping & Touring Loyalty Discount

If you stayed with us in 2019 please tell us when you book, and as a 'thank you' for returning in 2020, we will give you 10% off your first visit and 5% off every subsequent visit. (Discounts are not given for Bank Holiday weekends).

2020 Payment on Arrival Bookings

We remain open for camping, touring and self-catering accommodation.

We are here to take calls from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Sunday. If you ring or e-mail we will respond as promptly as we can.    See our News and Social Page for our Coronavirus Information Advisory

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